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Understanding Fascia: What is it + Why should you care

Fascia is key to optimal health and affects the entire body. The more you understand what it is and how it works, the more in tune with your body you’ll be!

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Eating better made simple

How to fix a broken diet made simple with an infographic explanation.

You’ll like this!

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Common colds, everyone hates them!

Autumn is fast approaching and with it brings cold nights, wet days, and the dreaded lurgy! Do we go to the gym and sweat it out or stay at home?

This brilliant article shines light on exercising when your sick, sweat it out or rest and recover?

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The second part gives expert advice on how to EAT when your sick.

Eating when your sick: feed a cold or starve a fever?

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Do you know how many calories are in ?

Visit the link to discover the calorie content of 150,000  food and drink items.

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AcroYoga – Watch this Video and be amazed at what the body can do

Your homework this week is to watch this video.

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Calorie burner: How much better is standing up than sitting?

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Fruits and vegetables: This is what your grandma never taught you.

Found this link on diet and nutrition which we thought might be interesting.

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Lack of sleep makes you bigger!

The evidence is in.

Sleep is really important if you want to stay looking lean, fit and strong. It is as important to us as nutrition and exercise.

Bad sleep makes us gain fat, messes up our hormones, ages us faster, increases chronic illnesses, drains our IQ and mojo.

So, the saying ‘I’ll get enough sleep when I’m dead’ rings true but without enough rest you’ll get there faster!

Read this article below to help engineer a restful nights sleep:

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Food labels

This is an interesting article about food labels!

We rely on these labels to give us the correct information about the foods we eat! But are we told the truth?

Read this interesting article to reveal all about food labels:

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All you need to know about Probiotics

Probiotics are essential to your gut health.

Read this article below to increase your knowledge of Probiotics:

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