We offer

Personal Training

Unleash your full potential – A Personal Trainer can:

  • be an invaluable investment in your health and wellbeing
  • help you reduce your risk of disease such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, rehab from injury or just loose a few pounds
  • encourage, motivate, and guide you to achieving your goals

Please use the contact us page, call us or email on the numbers above to understand more about how a programme can be devised to achieve your goals. 

Modern Pilates

Strong stable muscles, flexible and correctly aligned

Many of the postural problems we see today are caused by modern life.

Modern Pilates aims to address those problems by designing exercises to develop balance, strong stable muscles that are both flexible and correctly aligned.

General gains also include:

  • Improved appearance and a sense of holistic wellbeing
  • Reduced stress levels and improved sleep patterns
  • General circulation and lung function
  • Efficiency of pelvic floor muscles
  • Improvements in the postural problems that cause back pain

Karen is a Modern Pilates trainer and has an in-depth knowledge base and advanced teaching skills in planning and executing programmes.

Classes are held at various venues throughout the week.

Sports Injury Therapy

Therapy – for all sporting injuries

Jon has a passion for helping clients return from injury.  As a Sports Injury Therapist he can help you return back to full functionality regardless of age, sport or ability. Injuries treated will vary according to sport or activity involved. Clients include professional and amateur sportspeople, people who keep fit for fun and accident victims.  As a qualified sports therapist Jon advises on the prevention of injuries and can examine, assess and treat those that do occur, as well as helping with the rehabilitation.

Innovative packages designed and tailored to your needs

The Shape Changer

We at Personal Magic training believe that a major part of Shape Changing comes from diet and nutrition. There is a saying “no matter how much activity you do, you can’t out run a rubbish diet” Exercise should be part of your regime but if your diet is not right your losing the battle.

Our Shape Changing package of 5 sessions will look at your diet and nutrition in depth and provide you with a clearer understanding of what foods to eat and where you are going wrong. It will include a comprehensive training programme relative to your goals to get you in the best shape of your life.

Pilates Postural Correction

Pilates is often quoted as “intelligent exercise”. It can make you look, feel and move better by strengthening weak muscles and lengthening tight ones, improving postural awareness, reducing pain and stress.

The Personal Magic Training Pilates package will assess and try to correct faulty movement patterns which will eventually become automatic in everyday life. Teaching proper repetition of the exercises prescribed will gradually help you acquire coordination, suppleness and a natural feeling of wellbeing.

Sports Conditioning Coaching

In this day and age sports conditioning has changed dramatically. Long gone are the days of general circuit training and countless laps up and down the field. These days, athletes and amateur sports men and women require one to consider the individual sport and its biomechanics.

Personal Magic Training will look deeply into your sport, whether it is recreational or a professional event and tailor the training regime to your needs and goals, giving you a huge advantage in your chosen field.

“Be the Best”.

Physical Strength and Sculpting

“Looking good means feeling good”

Aesthetically speaking we look into a mirror every day and if we look good then we feel good.

Our personal training Physical Strength and Sculpting package offers you an enhanced opportunity to get the body you have always wanted. Whether it is building up, slimming down or general toning we will provide the right guidance and specifically designed programmes to gain the best possible results. These programmes need to be supported with the correct nutrition and supplements.

We believe in living longer, living better.

Please use the contact us page, call us or email on the numbers above to understand more about how a programme can be devised to achieve your goals.